Sunday, 8 May 2011

:: Loss... ::

Written by: Rehana Malik

Every Human is drowning in loss,
By time, man proves to be careless,
Charging through life with little purpose,
Until faith develops leading to conviction and obedience.

I’m reflecting on the days gone by,

And how I have been spending my time,
Was it spent in securing my future (hereafter)?
Or is it the present that I chose to nurture,

Were my prayers performed with khushoo?
Or did shaytan fill my chest with a whisper or two,
Did I recite the mushaf with flair?
Or are the words still floating in the air,

Did I share a friendly smile?
Or turn my back and run a mile,
Am I looking for a hundred excuses?
For why I didn’t attend the lectures,

Did I uphold the ties of kinship?
Call my relatives to renew my friendships,
Was I overcome with burning desires?
Or were they suppressed by the reminder of hellfire.

Did I show genuine concern for others?
In search for my own spiritual salvation.
Did I measure success by worldly gains?
If so, then I am doomed to fail!

I’m reflecting on the moments gone by,

And the ways I could have beautified my time,

This time I’ll show “time” it’s true worth,
And cuddle my time with good deeds, actions and words,

In hope to survive my own escape from impending loss!

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