Wednesday, 21 December 2011

..:: That Too, Will Be Over ::..

[Written by Sister Zabrina AB]


I missed you so much...

I remembered you today

As I sat alone on your favourite chair
Thinking about my life
And where it has taken me

Your daughter has grown up

Your daughter has faced the world
You would cry if only you knew
The trials and challenges that passed me by

The turbulence and turmoil that has enveloped me

But I faced it all Alhamdulillaah
With the strength from Allaah
With the prayer you have made for me

Once upon a time

I can always feel your presence
Even in my darkest hour
I can always hear your whispers

Asking me to do the right thing

Even if that would be the most bitter of all
Even if I cannot swallow it all
This one will be over, sweetheart

It is just a phase

It will leave in a swift
So stay tight and stay strong
Focus and hang on

But when it disappears do remember

There is the next one coming
But that too, will be over..

I miss u mum......;(
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